Activity areas available in Moselle


Moselle has more than 40 equipped activity areas, delivered with all services on the plot boundaries and connected to a very high rate network installed by the Moselle departmental council.

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plan portes de l'Orne, Moselle
Les portes de l'Orne Moselle
Amnéville – Rombas - Vitry-s/Orne - Gandrange – Richemont - Mondelange
Les Portes de l'Orne

Site located 10km from Thionville, 15km from Metz and 30km from Luxembourg. 


Surface area:

- For economic and urban development: 550 hectares

- Priority development (Moulin Neuf site): 83 hectares

Zone du Kickelsberg in Basse-Ham
Basse-Ham - Zone du Kickelsberg

Basse-Ham, 5 km north-east of Thionville, 30 km from Luxembourg.
Available area (industrial):
10 ha (25 acres)

Basse-Ham - Base de loisirs

30 hectares of preserved natural space including three lakes

Available area: 9 hectares of building land, with direct links to the river and available for a tourist development project.

Actiparc in Bitche

Alongside the RN62, in the Strassburg direction, less than 1 km from the city centre, 15 km from the German border. 

Available surface: 15 ha (37 acres)

Saint-Eloi industrial Park and Zone Artisanale Ecopôle
Saint-Eloi Industrial Park and Zone Artisanale Intercommunale Ecopôle 

35 km from Metz and 15 km from the German motorway network.

Ecopole/available surface: 5 ha

Carling Saint-Avold european platform
Carling / Saint-Avold 
European platform dedicated to chemicals and polymers 

Access to the A4 A4 Paris-Metz-Strasbourg motorway

Registered site classed SEVESO II threshold

Equipped surface area available in 2015: 12.5 h

Parc d'activités communautaire Belle Fontaine
Parc d’Activités Commu-nautaire Belle Fontaine

The park is beside a dual carriageway joining the Paris-Strasbourg and Bruxelles-Nancy motorways at Marange-Silvange (6 km).

Available area: 1.8 ha (2.5 acres)

Parc d'Activités Sud in Creutzwald
Parc d'Activités Sud

The industrial park is located in a community of municipalities (CCW) with a population of nearly 19,000, on the German border.

Available developed area: 17 ha (42 acres)

Warndtpark in Creutzwald

Activity park of 91 ha, located at the east of Creutzwald, on the german border and near the new RN33 road.

Available area: 36 ha

dieuze nord est v2.jpg
Dieuze Nord Est
Parc d'activités

Le long de la RD 22, qui relie Dieuze à Saint-Avold , à 1 km du centre ville.


Surface disponible : 1 ha 
Surface dévolue au Projet d'Usine d'Embouteillage d'Eau : 7 ha
dieuze sablonniere v2.jpg
La Sablonnière : ZAC et lotissement artisanal

Beside  the RD 22 road, linking Dieuze to Saint-Avold, along the RD 999 road connecting Dieuze to Morhange. At 1 km from the city center.


Current available surface (subdivision side) - 7 lots : 3 ha
Surface in reserve to be serviced (Zac phases 2 et 3 - 20 lots) : 11 ha
Eurotransit industrial and logistics park
Ennery – Trémery – Flévy – Argancy
Eurotransit Industrial and Logistics Park / Fontaine des Saints Estate / Les Jonquières Estate

Less than 15 km from Metz.
Less than 20 km from Thionville.

Available surface: 35 ha

Zac des Begnennes
Zac des Begnennes 

South of Ennery, opposite the Les Jonquières industrial park. Less than 15 km from Metz. Less than 20 km from Thionville.

Available area    5.2 ha (12.4 acres)
La Feltière - Ste Agathe in Fameck
Fameck – Florange
La Feltière – Ste Agathe

5 km south-west of Thionville, 30 km from Metz and from Luxembourg-city. Direct access by the A30 motorway.

La Feltière, located in Fameck:
Available 15 ha (37 acres)
Ste Agathe, located in Fameck and Florange:
Available 30 ha (74 acres)

Mégazone Farébersviller - Henriville

Double motorway intersection 500 metres from the Megazone leading onto the RD29 road overlooking the development sites. 

17 ha (42 acres) immediately available. Showcase for your business beside a motorway.

Faulquemont industrial park
Industrial Park

40 km east of Metz, 14 km from a motorway entry (A4 to
Strassbourg and Saarbrücken).


Equipped available surface: 20 ha (49 acres)

Furst industrial park
Furst industrial park

5 km south-west from Saint-Avold, half-way (40 km) between Metz and Saarbrucken.


Available surface:10 ha.

Forbach Eurozone business park
Forbach - "Eurozone" business park

2 km north of Forbach, less than 4 km from the German border.


Available equipped surface: 

5 ha (12 acres) 

Forbach Ouest light industry park
Forbach Ouest - Light industry park

Near the town centre (2 km), with direct access to the A320-E50 motorway for Metz and Paris and for Saarbrücken-Frankfurt.

Forbach South Technopôle
Forbach South - Technopôle

3 km south of Forbach, direct access to the A 32-E 50 Metz-Saarbrucken motorway by express road (2 x 2 lanes).
Less than 15 km from the German border.

Available surface: 1 ha (2 acres)

francaltroff v2.jpg
Available surface: 3 ha of serviced land
Zone d'Activité Economique

Beside the RD 22 road connecting DIEUZE to SAINT AVOLD and to the A4 - E25. At 70 km from Metz and 66 km from Nancy. Located 19 kms from the A4-E25 (SAINT AVOLD) - PARIS LUXEMBOURG - STRASBOURG freeway. Located at 35 kms from the German border and its road network.

Freyming Merlebach district industrial park
District Industrial Park

Situated on the territory of three communities, Farebersviller, Henriville and Seingbouse, west of motorway, right on the access road to it; 10 km from the German border.

Available surface: 3 ha (7 acres)

Gandrange zone des Brequettes
Zone des Brequettes

20 km from Metz and 12 km from Thionville, in the lower valley of the river Orne 3 km from its confluence with the river Moselle.


Available area: 10 ha (25 acres)

Val Euromoselle Nord business park
Val Euromoselle Nord 
business park

Within Maizières-lès-Metz 13 km north of Metz and 18 km south of Thionville, approx. 30 km from the Luxembourg border and 40 km from the German border.

Available area: 22 hectares

morville v2.jpg
Artisanal and industrial zone

45 km from Metz and 35 from Nancy .


3 350 m² available immediately

4 to 6 ha in reserve not serviced

Morhange industrial parks
Morhange -
Industrial parks

20 minutes from Metz-Nancy Lorraine regional airport.

.Lavoisier park: Available developed area: 3 ha (7 acres) - Extension land bank: 11 ha (27 acres).

.La Claire Forêt light industry park: Available developed area:1 ha (2.5 acres) - Extension land bank: 16 ha (40 acres)

.Centre Mosellan intermunicipal business park: Extension land bank: 7 ha (17 acres).

Ecoparc Val Euromoselle
Norroy-le-Veneur -
Ecoparc Val Euromoselle

High environmental quality business park.
10 km from Metz. Less than 20 km from Thionville.

Available area: 41.7 ha (101.3 acres).

Phalsbourg, zone activités Maisons Rouges
Phalsbourg -
Zone d’Activités des Maisons Rouges

At junction 44 of the A4 Paris-Strasbourg motorway. Park at the intersection of the RN4 (Paris-Strasbourg) and the RN61 (Nancy-Sarreguemines-Saarbrücken).


Available area: 25 ha (61 acres)

composite park in Porcelette
Composite Park

A technology cluster dedicated
to composites and plastics processing

Near the interchange of two major North-South (A31-E25) and East-West (A4-E50) motorways


Available area: 3 ha (7 acres). Land bank: 7,5 ha (17 acres).

Actizone in Rohrbach les Bitche

Located between Petit-Réderching and Rohrbach-lès-Bitche beside the RN62, equidistant from Sarreguemines, Bitche and the German border.


Total area: 43 ha (106 acres)

Europort in Saint-Avold Nord
Saint-Avold Nord
Zone industrielle "Europort"

At the northern boundary of Saint-Avold with Carling. Less than 500 m from a junction on the A4-E25 motorway via a dual carriageway road.


Available developed area:  6 ha (15 acres)

Actival in saint-avold Valmont
Saint-Avold Sud - Valmont
Zone industrielle "Actival"

2 km south of Saint-Avold in Valmont, 4 km from a motorway junction, mid-way (45 km) between Metz and Saarbrücken.
The park is less than 5 km from the Saint-Avold Nord Europort international logistics and haulage centre.

Available area:  25 ha (62 acres)

zone industrielle champelle in Ste Marie aux Chênes
Zone industrielle "Champelle"

The park is located at Sainte-Marie-aux-Chênes on the edge of the built-up area.


Available improved area:  31.69 ha (78.3 acres).

zone industrielle Hoff in Sarrebourg
Zone industrielle de Hoff


60 km from Strasbourg, 80 km from Nancy and 100 km from Metz.


Available area:  3.6 ha (8.9 acres)
Possible extension:  1.4 ha (3.5 acres).

Zone des terrasses de la Sarre in Sarrebourg
Zone des Terrasses de la Sarre


60 km from Strasbourg, 80 km from Nancy and 100 km from Metz.


Available area:  1 ha (2.5 acres)
Possible extensions:   2 x 12 ha (30 acres).

Portes des Vosges


60 km from Strasbourg, 80 km from Nancy and 100 km from Metz.


Total area: 80 ha

Available area:  80 ha

zone industrielle Europole à Sarreguemines Hambach
Sarreguemines Hambach
"Europôle” industrial zone


Next to motorway A4-E25, close to the Sarreguemines interchange, 9 km from Sarreguemines.

Available area: 100 ha. 

zone d'activités cheval blanc Solgne
Solgne - Zone d’Activité Intercommunale « Cheval Blanc II »


La zone d’activités est à moins de 5 km de la fin de la voie rapide qui reliera Solgne à l’échangeur sud de Metz.

Surface totale : 15 ha (37 acres) 

Val Euromoselle Sud industrial park
Industrial Park
Val Euromoselle Sud


10 km from Metz. Less than 20 km from Thionville.


Total area: 70 ha (173 acres)
Shopping centre (Auchan): 20 ha (49 acres). Services park: 50 ha (124 acres).

"Le Port" businee park in Talange

“Le Port” business park
(A multimodal business park with road, rail and river access)


On the borders of France, Germany and Benelux, midway between Metz and Thionville (approx. 15 min). The estate stands beside the main Metz/Luxembourg railway line.


Total Area:    55.78 hectares.

Europort Lorraine in Thionville-Illange-Uckange


Trimodal logistics & industrial platform


200 ha available of which 85 ha for the logistics & industrial port platform.

Illange - Bertrange / NORTH MOSL PARC
  • Logistics hub : water, road, rails

  • The megazone is located close to major motorway interchanges providing access to Luxembourg, Belgium and northern Germany.

  • The Illange-Bertrange megazone is also near the 450 ha Ennery-Trémery logistics hub.

  • An unrivalled hub located in area with high-quality labour forces.

Areas available : 34 ha in one block.

Megazone illange_bertrange.jpg
Espace Cormontaigne in Thionville-Yutz
Thionville - Yutz
Espace Cormontaigne


On the territory of Yutz and Thionville, at the A31-E25 Luxembourg-Thionville-Metz motorway junction.
20 km from the Luxembourg and German borders.

Available area: 4 ha (10 acres) (Triangle area)

zone de Metzange-Buchel
Zone de Metzange-Buchel


North-west of Thionville, beside the A31-E25 motorway (2 mn from junction). 5 min from the city centre.35 km from Metz, 25 km from Luxembourg by the A31.

Available area: 9 ha (22 acres).
Proposed extension: 10 ha (25 acres) (small businesses).

zone d'activités de Woustviller
Zone d'activités


Located 7 km to the south-west of Sarreguemines, 4 km to the north of access to motorway A 4-E 25 Paris-Strasbourg.


Available developed area : 8 ha. 

Yutz-Kuntzig Actypôle


On the territory of Yutz and Kuntzig, 3 km north-east of Thionville, 30 km from Luxembourg and 20 km from the German border.

Available area (for SMIs):  4.9 ha (9 acres)
Extension land bank:  25 ha (62 acres).